Natural and Pure Medications For a Male Dog With Urinary Incontinence

You have a beloved pet, your very best buddy, but he is having a bit of….trouble. Enough trouble you are considering natural meds for a male dog with urinary incontinence. Your pet is leaving wet spots and puddles all over your house and he seems to have lost control of his bladder functions. He is not happy about it, you […]

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Housebreak a Puppy – Are You Tired of Household Puppy Pee Puddles?

There are many ways to housebreak a puppy, however, many people seem to get confused on how its actually done correctly. As you continue to read, you will learn 7 simple tips that will allow you to housebreak your puppy in no time flat. 1. Always have a designated spot for your puppy to go. Make sure it’s near an […]

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Yard Sprinklers Take Care Of Your Yard And It Will Take Care Of You

Lawn care is one of those parts of home maintenance that can either be a great joy or an arduous drudgery. This usually depends upon your overall disposition concerning yard work in general. The care of any yard is usually a reasonable barometer for assessing the esteem with which a particular homeowner values his property, and himself. A green, lush […]

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Prevent Dog Hair Loss by Knowing the 3 Common Causes

Dog hair loss can be troublesome for both the dog and the owner. This situation is not only very irritating to the dog, but is unsightly, and carries with it the worry of spreading disease to the human members of the family. If you’ve noticed bald patches on your dog, it’s important to diagnose them as soon as possible to […]

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Jake and My NYC Dog Walker

I love my dog, Jake. She (yes, girl dog named Jake, long story) greets me at the door when I come home and loves me unconditionally. However, when I’m at work Jake is in the apartment alone. Several times I’ve arrived home only to find my armchair chewed up or the trash spread all over the kitchen floor. She isn’t […]

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