Heartworms In Dogs – What They Are & What To Do

Heartworms (Latin title Dirofilaria immitis) are parasitic worms that are typical in each canines and cats. Like their title suggests, they reside in the dog’s center, typically free-floating in the proper ventricle and nearby blood vessels. The worms are transmitted from puppy to canine by mosquitoes which pass the worm larvae by way of their saliva. The presence of heartworms […]

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Essential ?Puppy Supplies? you will need for your new puppy!

Congratulations on your brand new puppy… Now what?  Here is a quick list of some essentials, which will help you out with your new puppy. Choosing a Name Finding a name, which you and your family can all agree upon, is sometimes challenging. My advice is to pick a name, which is short and clearly understandable to the dog. Do […]

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