Puppy Obedience Training – The Best Time For Training Your Puppy

A lot of people when they acquire a new puppy dismiss the idea of puppy obedience training as something they can think about some time in the future.  After all their brand new puppy is so cute and cuddly and much too young to train.  This is a big mistake because really the best time for puppy obedience training is […]

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Finding A Dog Breeder

If you are inside market to get a purebred canine, you are going to need to come across a breeder from which to pay for the animal. This can usually be as simple as opening the classified marketing section of one’s local newspaper, but you’ll want to become certain that the breeder you’ve chosen is reputable. There are lots of […]

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A Downward Dog Yoga Pose

The Dog pose or the Adho mukha Svanasana, when performed looks very much like a dog whose forelimbs and head are in a rested position while the hind limbs are pointed upwards. In Sanskrit “Svana” means dog, “adho” means downward and “mukha” means face, hence the name Downward facing dog pose. Step by Step The hands should be placed directly […]

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Canine Osteoarthritis Joint Disease In Older Dogs

Osteoarthritis in canines is exactly the same kind of disease as found in humans. Oftentimes the canine arthritis symptoms become noticeable in the later years of a dog’s life. In rare cases, the arthritis can set in sooner. However, in most cases, when young dogs develop arthritis, it is usually rheumatoid dog arthritis. The symptoms seen most often in an […]

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